Getting a Visa in Australia

Anyone planning to visit Australia who is not an Australian citizen is required to have a valid visa. New Zealand citizens are the only exception, and can travel using their New Zealand passports and are issued a visa when they enter Australia.

The visa system allows who enters the country, how long they stay, and the purpose of their visit. This helps keep illegal immigration under control. There are a few different types of Australian visas. A holiday visa allows a person to stay in Australia for a maximum of three months. This allows for a person to travel and tour the country. A student can apply for a student visa, which allows them to get schooling in Australia. A business visa allows travelers to enter who are coming to Australia to work. These usually are good for three months, but workers can apply for ones allowing them to stay longer, but these are more difficult to obtain. Emergency visas are available under special circumstances. It is made for people who do not live in Australia, but need to enter the country because of an emergency situation. There is also a working holiday visa that allows 18-30 year old people to stay up to twelve months. During this time, they’ll study up to four months and work up to six months.

There are a few ways to obtain a visa. You can obtain one from Australian visa offices, such as the Australian Embassy, or you can obtain one from a travel agent. Depending on your current country, you can visit the website of the Australian Electronic Travel Authority and apply for a visa. You’ll need to fill out the form with all of the appropriate information. You will need to choose what type of visa you’re applying for. A visitor to Australia cannot work there. Typically, if you are staying under three months, it is recommended you apply for a visiting visa. If you’re going on business, you will choose the short validity business option. Once all of your information is in the system, you’re relatively approved within a minute.